Stop wasting profit on your #1 health spend

We empower organizations to STOP wasteful MSD medical overspending to improve profits, employee health, and talent retention; with zero net cost or investment!

FACT: Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are the #1 spend in healthcare and cause of disability; affecting more people than cardiovascular disease and cancer combined. Annually, 25-45% of MSD spending is unnecessary and wasteful, …even harmful and addictive.

"More than half of all Americans who get health insurance through their employer now have a high deductible health plan. With deductibles rising eight times as fast as wages since 2008, healthcare costs have become the No. 1 financial concern for many employees — outranking debt, college expenses, mortgages, rent, retirement savings, taxes and even unemployment."

– Employee Risk Advisor
(April 2019)

Get Started. Get Control.

  • Estimate your wasteful MSD medical overspend

  • Get your own customized MSD analysis and plan

  • Secure your MSD savings of 25-45% or more annually

While most companies say,
"Our people are our greatest asset,"
few provide the systematic maintenance and support systems for their people that they do for facilities, vehicles, finance, and IT systems. Through use, abuse and neglect, things break down and so do people.

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